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Once upon a time, a mother and her teenage son found themselves confined at home during a pandemic. With ample time on their hands, they began to dream of brighter days. The mother had operated a small home business for a decade, crafting baby clothing through sewing and embroidery. Meanwhile, her son, who had endured multiple knee surgeries and relied on crutches, discovered his interest in entrepreneurship due to his inability to partake in his beloved sports activities. Combining the mother's sewing and embroidery skills, the son's passion for business, and the increased online shopping trend during the pandemic, they conceptualized Goody Bocs.


Goody Bocs is a company specializing in personalized baby gift boxes, carefully curated and unique in every way. These gift boxes feature adorable baby clothing in various soft fabrics, mind-stimulating toys, and distinctive items perfect for baby showers or new baby gifts. Each box includes a personalized greeting card, is elegantly packaged in an eco-friendly kraft box, and is sent directly to the recipient. With Goody Bocs, creating the ideal baby gift is made effortless!


Future plans for Goody Bocs include expanding into other categories of gift boxes.

1. Source Materials

2. Craft Each Box

3. Package & Deliver


Having 10 years of expertise in baby products, we can easily distinguish between good and poor quality. Our products are meticulously selected to provide you with peace of mind and comply with CPSC guidelines, and our approved by FDA.

Each box is carefully put together with the thought of each gift-giving moment in mind. We understand that presentation matters.

Our team is able to deliver your box straight to its destination. With GoodyBocs, you can give gifts without the hassle of preparing them.

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