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FAQ and Policies

  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Orders over $50 ship for free in the continental United Sates.
  • How do I change the shipping address?
    Contact us as soon as possible with the address you need to change it to by emailing us at
  • What if I already shipped it to the wrong address?
    If the gift box has already been shipped, then it will need to be returned to sender. Once we recieve the gift box back, we will repackage the gifts in a new box and ship it to the correct address. You will have to cover repackaging and shipping charges. We will send you an invoice to your email to cover these charges.
  • Can I ship two boxes of the same order to two different addresses?
    No. you will need to place two separate orders. Each order is tied to only one address. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have.
  • Do you ship international?
    Yes. We ship to the following countries: EU - except Germany Canada Australia Mexico Carribean Islands If you country is not listed, please contact us at to see if shipping is possible.
  • Who do you use for shipping?
    USPS priority mail and UPS.
  • What is your lead time?
    Our gift boxes are each carefully curated and assembled to your specifications.
  • Can I return a gift box if I decide I don't want to keep it?
    Yes, except for personalized items. Returns are at your cost, once we receive the items back in new condition, a refund wil be given. We do not accept used or personalized products in returns.
  • Are the items in each gift box safe?
    All of our items in the gift box are carefully chosen through reputable wholesalers. The wholesalers have certifications that their items are 100% non-toxic and odorless, BPA and lead-free. They are made with safe materials, FDA approved, and meet Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards.
  • How do I add a baby's name and message for the greeting card?
    When you checkout, there will be a "Leave a note" text box. Type in the baby's name and greeting card message in the text box in order to have it added to your order.
  • Can I add a company logo to the gift box?
    Yes. We can embroider your logo onto any personalized items at an extra cost. We can also put your logo on the outside of the gift box. Please, email us at for more information on pricing and logo files needed.
  • Can I request no personalization?
  • What if I give you the wrong name or the wrong spelling of the name?
    Orders take about 5-7 days to ship out. If you notice an error, please email us right away at If the gift box has already been shipped out, you will have to order new items to be personalized at your cost. The items cannot be returned once personalized, unless it is an error on our part.
  • Can I personalize every item?
    No. We only personalize 1-2 items per gift box.
  • Can I use the whole name for personalized gift items?
    First initial or full initials (2-3 letters) for clothing items. Baby's first name only on lovey blanket/bib if the name is over 7 letters. If the first and middle name are short, we may be able to fit both names on the item. Please contact us at for more information.

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